Friday, May 25, 2012

What they found on the Moon? The mystery of the Apollo 20 mission

It’s hard to count all the theories related to what we can find on the Moon or to the final results of the Apollo missions. Even if there’s a theory that the Americans have never landed on the Moon and all this is a mystification, it is still worth to know some other points of view.

In recent years the subject matter of the Moon has come into prominence. On the one hand, there’s the Moon motive in popular culture with the “Apollo 18” and the “Iron Sky” films, while on the other hand, the question of coming back to our satellite is once more considered by governments and private companies. It seems that the most developed projects are those financed by the Japanese government which claims that in 2030 we’ll have a fully robotic space center on the Moon. There’s also a competition named Google Lunar X Prize where the winner (a private group of people) who will put an efficient space vehicle on the Moon and will send some high quality photos wins 20 million dollars.

It is possibly the reason why NASA wants to create the so called “no fly zones” – areas where nobody can fly. The official reason for it is providing potential protection on places where a man first stood. However, the truth seems to be more suspicious. Some say that the government agencies want to hide the presence of some alien structures on the Moon.

On 16th of August 1976 a lander touched down the unseen part of the Moon (near the Delporte crater). It had three members of a common Soviet-American “Apollo 20” mission: William Rutledge, Leon Synder and Aleksiej Leonov. The mission’s object was to explore a cigar-shaped object photographed by the Apollo 15 team. Discovering this mysterious construction was so significant that the USA’s government decided to invite USSR to take part in Apollo missions and make some essential researches.

The Apollo missions numbering seems to be a little surprising. Officially, the whole project was terminated on the flight number 17 which left the Moon on 14th December 1972. It was the last official flight as we know today. Due to the budget cutbacks the next flights were cancelled and the Apollo project was closed. However, according to the Apollo 20 commander, William Rutledge, the project was simply made secret and there were 3 more flights: Apollo 18, 19 and 20. Rutledge was probably a member of the last one.
Mona Lisa EBE

As Rutledge claims, the explored object was a huge spaceship whose estimated age was 1,5 milliard years. There was also a “city” around the spaceship – a mysterious, almost totally ruined construction. Project members found some plant traces and corpses of two extraterrestrial beings inside the spaceship. The body of one of them was called “Mona Lisa EBE” (Extraterrestrial Biological Entity). It was a female humanoid with 1,65m height. Probably she was a pilot due to some different devices attached to her hands and feet. In spite of the age, her body was in such a good condition that it was possible to take some indispensable measurements. The corps of the second crew member was more destroyed, but they managed to take its head on the Earth.

Rutledge’s revelations were about to be revealed by him in an interview that he gave in May 2007. He also put some records form the journey where, among others, we can see the “Mona Lisa”. According to Rutledge, the USA’s government would reveal the information about the spaceship before September 2007. He also warned against the year 2012 when “the weak will die and governments will save the rest of their heritage (...), everybody needs to be prepared for the year 2012”.

How should we treat Rutledge’s words? Is he just another liar wanting to be famous? Those who criticize his revelations point out that the Apollo missions are hard to hide – it’s because every flight of such type requires at least 300 people working on it. It would be even harder to hide the Saturn V rockets’ start putting the Apollo landers into orbit. What is more, the film showing the Mona Lisa’s examination seems to be a fake – according to the “Movies Online” author, people who are on this video are subject to gravitation. On the other hand, there is gravitation on the Moon, however a bit weaker than the Earth’s one.

Rutledge indicates that many members of secret missions died in unknown circumstances. Yet, some of them are still alive – both Americans and Russians who were directly involved in these flights. He clearly wants to convince everybody about his own version by publishing materials associated with the journey and discoveries. Does he have any benefits from it? If not, why would he do this?