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Between Germany and Russia, the "conspiracy " page of the Ukrainian crisis

Events for the last few months are taking place in Ukraine , about which we read in the daily news , has in addition to its official version of the second , much more interesting bottom. What we see in fact on our television screens are only visible side the great struggle for spheres of influence between major world powers and secret organizations that support them . Password "between Germany and Russia" refers directly to the title of a famous book by Adolf Bochenski dedicated to the Polish position on the international arena. However, as the current situation shows this title may also refer to other countries, including Ukraine.

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The defeated powers raise head

Since the ignominious defeat they suffered as a result of World War II Germany and Japan were occupied by foreign powers that have imposed them your system and way of life , and on their territory have installed a network of U.S. bases . Japan until recently had virtually no chance of rebuilding its armed forces , and defeated Germany because of the proximity and the threat of Soviet obtained approval for the establishment of the Bundeswehr, which, however, has been incorporated into the structures of NATO. This state continued until the end of the Cold War , the two countries because more boldly began to define their interests and goals. Germany have significantly contributed to the weakening of federal plans in Central Europe, effectively breaking up Yugoslavia antagonizing thereby resulting system Hexagonale . Struggling in the 90s with serious economic problems Country of the Rising Sun has returned to the game a little later , however, the growing threat posed by the growing power of China effectively motivates the Japanese to new investments in their own armed forces .

In the case of Germany, we can not overlook the fact that many prominent activists and supporters of the NSDAP after a few years regained the lost position and even made ​​a career in the West German political and economic structures . I refer to the entries devoted to the formation and recruitment of employees in the Federal Intelligence Service (BND ), which strangely focused unusually high proportion of former Nazis from the first director of the BND and previously an officer in the Wehrmacht as general Rinhardem Gehlen .

Germany and CNS

Is the focus of so many former Nazis West German service did not know anything about living in Munich under a false name Stephan Bandera ? Flag for life (he was murdered, would almost by the KGB in 1959) maintained contacts and manage the structures of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists in the West, and his face was well known , so sooner or later it had to be interested in German history and perhaps even work with him to give in return guarantees inviolability . For NATO, the Ukrainian resistance movement and is still active in the 50s UPA partisans were a valuable ally , where appropriate, which could be used against the USSR.

Stephan Bandera in German uniform

In 1989, the Berlin Wall falls , is soon solved the Warsaw Pact . Members of the CNS establish first contacts with supporters of newly independent Ukraine. Do not decide to support one political option but rather a quiet grassroots work . The first fruits brings the Orange Revolution, which amounts to power pro-western politicians and pronational of Viktor Yushchenko and Yulia Tymoshenko at the helm. The leaders of the OUN- UPA , Stephan Bandera and Roman Shukhevych are considered heroes of Ukraine, on the west of the country puts up the monuments and the Ukrainian language is gaining privileged status . Soon, however, the orange camp disintegrates , former leaders are drowning in mutual accusations , support for Yushchenko is rapidly declining . Party returns to power supported by the eastern oligarchs (so-called "family" ) and represented by Viktor Yanukovych. Considered pro-Russian Yanukovych juggle between the European Union and Russia, the formula Belarus in talks and trying to communicate with Beijing . At the same time , in exchange for preferential gas prices for Ukraine in 2010, he signs an agreement extending the lease of military bases in Sevastopol for the Black Sea Fleet stationed there until 2042 .

In the meantime, however, in Ukraine grows new generation brought up after the fall of the USSR , speaking in Ukrainian better than Russian, recoiling to the West. This generation is much more pro-Western than their parents , what more fruits bring to the consequences of the Orange Revolution, above all, recognition of the role and legacy of the OUN -UPA . This can be seen even when referring to the growing popularity of the heritage of the party " Freedom" .

Germany - Europe's hegemon

In recent years, Germany behave more assertive and lead more and more independent policies . Quickly recovering from the crisis , which plunged the euro area and the European Union in the form extended by France. For southern European countries are becoming a creditor who gets the final say on the reform, in Greece comes to pacify growing in strength , the pro-Russian “Golden Dawn”. At the same time Germany put forward a request to the German gold , so far held in vaults in Paris, London and New York , returned back to the country , should be added that these reserves are among the largest in the world and among others they affect the confidence which once enjoyed a German brand .

Where did the Germans this sudden confidence ? Not without significance is , of course, the events of recent years , especially the crisis and the political impotence of EU officials . For all this , however, requires something else. In recent years, the United States made ​​a decisive turn in its policy and focus on other regions of the world by eliminating many of its existing European bases , especially in the territories of Italy and Germany. This is often underestimated factor made ​​, however, that in the Federal Republic of Germany is currently the least American soldiers since the end of World War II , what more the United States expressing interest in Obama term primarily the Middle East and the Pacific region gave Berlin a new field of action.

German interests in Ukraine

The outbreak of protests in Majdan coincided with the refusal to sign the Association Agreement by Yanukovych and the European Union . Although, as pointed out by many analysts, the terms of this agreement were not acceptable , however, the Ukrainians began protests that unexpectedly turned into a national revolution. It is no coincidence that they were the strongest in the west of the country where the influence of the CNS are the strongest . It was there he recruited the largest percentage of people who protested on the Majdan (see also the place of origin killed) . At this point, it is worth examining the associations of Germany with Majdan . One of its leaders and initiators is holding a German passport Vitali Klitschko , dumbfounding is also unusual activity of non-governmental organizations funded by Western institutions (mainly German and American) .

In the case of similar revolution is the most important question is: who will it gain? Is the shift in Germany 's sphere of influence far to the east until the Kiev, setting up as a peacemaker and a country that wants to prosperity for the whole of Europe and is without shooting , camps and bloody domination over conquered is not a diplomatic masterstroke?

End of part 1

Friday, August 9, 2013

URGENT: mysterious radio waves recived from outside of our solar system!

Astronomers say that "we discovered mysteriousradio waves billions of light-years from Earth." Based on the intensity and distance of four incoming radio waves, scientists believe that they come from a time when the universe was only half its present age. How can we originate the mysterious signal?

The theory about the source of the received radio waves, as usual, there are many. Some say that they are a consequence of the collision of huge objects such as neutron stars or black holes. Others believe that they come from the earth transmitters of great power transmissions. However, there are and those who emphasize that the received signal is the work of extraterrestrial civilizations (intentional or unintentional), sent billions of years ago.

Dan Thornton, lead author of the study from the University of Manchester said the results show some extreme events involving large amounts of energy as a source of radio pulses. Radio frequency radiation of unknown origin was discovered six years ago, but no one was sure "what it was". "Our report describes four consecutive explosions, removing any doubt as to whether they are true," says Dan Thornton.

As emphasized by astronomers at the current opportunities and will learn, you will be lucky to look into space "in the right place at the right time." The research team used the 64-meter radio telescope in Australia to get the best results. Some researchers believe that the origin of the mysterious radio waves may be the work of magnetic neutron stars known as magnetars.

"Magnetars may produce more energy per millisecond than our Sun by 300.000 years. This is our main candidate for solving the mystery of the source, but we can not say with absolute certainty," said Professor Matthew Bailes of Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne.

The team says that the results will be a significant help for a better understanding of the properties of places where radio waves are "fired". "It's hard for us to understand some things in the universe. Mysterious signal is a good example," says study co-author Ben Stappers. So it appears that none of the proposed theories in the introduction, the article can not be ruled out ...

Do you believe that received radio waves can be the work of an extraterrestrial civilization?

Friday, July 5, 2013

Times of "global spy" are becoming a reality

In a television interview, the famous novelist John le Carré (former employee of MI6) summed up the murky world of espionage with these words: "The global community is now a huge collection of secrets, which are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year, on all continents. In this global market, anything goes, and the purpose of the information ". Is the British author is right?

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Those who express outrage to learn that democratic countries can spy on your 'friends' (such as Turkey and Russia) are either naive or they live in a utopian world. According to the retired employees of the CIA "there is nothing good and nothing wrong with the spy, it also has little to do with the law or morality".

Espionage, like trade, medicine and engineering, extends beyond the boundaries of nation-states and permeates the entire globe. The paradox of espionage based on the following principle: if the core is a scam espionage and betrayal, a core of international law is mutual respect and good manners. But not without reason espionage is beyond the scope of law - takes place in the shadow of international law and binding treaty countries.

This is what in a very clear accelerated development of espionage and "spying" is the Internet and the widespread computerization. Specialized spyware not warn internet users to start the installation process. Repeat the process on the disk trick, and when you enter the system, hiding and begin their secret mission. Their presence for a long time can be hidden, even though collect information about users of infected computers, and then - without their knowledge - send it to the author of a spy (a private person, company or government department).

Foreign policy and intelligence activities provide evidence that countries pursuing their own goals based on broadly defined "private interest". Individual governments today have no brakes to avoid inwigilować own citizens or residents of other państw.Warto recall even commented on the blog of the PRISM program, the U.S. intelligence gathering information about users online products such as Google, Skype, and Facebook.

Countries spy activities in any way, have been disclosed, usually are forced to as quickly as possible "swallow" wounded pride and consistent action on. Foreign policy, media revelations or intelligence blunders do not change the "spy reality." It is a world that is somewhat parallel to the reality created by politicians every day.

Do you believe that each of us has at least once fell victim to a "global espionage"?

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Closer and closer to this year's Bilderberg conference. What they will talk about?

The political and business elite will gather in a private group to discuss a program that will determine the future of the most important global issues. Some aspects of the conference gradually forge the public. Topics to be addressed are worldwide tax system and giant Google. What may decide the association of the most influential people?

The Bilderberg Group is an informal international club of the most influential people from the worlds of politics, business and industry. Group meetings are held once a year. In the course discusses the major issues concerning the world including security policy or the economy. Initially it was claimed that this year's conference (like last year) will be held in Chantilly, Virginia (USA). Today we know that the meeting will be held June 6-9 at the Grove in Hertfordshire (England).

In addition to all the "fanfare" around the game, but still remains the most important question: what issues will be discussed at this year's ultra-secret meeting of the Group Bildergerg? The company Google is currently involved in the "battle of unpaid taxes" in the UK. Thus led to political comments, most of which call for a 'new global system of taxation". It is postulated that this topic will be one of the main discussions of the Bilderberg.

In recent years there has been an increase of participants-digital giants. In addition to the software world giants such as Craig Mundie, chief research and strategy at Microsoft (2006-2012 Bilderberg participant) and Google CEO Eric Schmidt (2007-2011 Bilderberg participant) will be a key player Peter Thiel, head of Clarium Capital, ie the company that launched the so-known portals like Paypal, Facebook, LinkedIn or Friendster.

Does Google can be a kind of "Trojan horse" needed to implement a global tax system? Possibly. It is worth mentioning that the global tax could mean imminent prospect of a global government, which certainly would be on hand most of the Bilderberg Club. Observers add that extra excuse to create a global framework for the taxation of the economic crisis, is located in "perfect for this moment."

One thing is certain: the wealthiest in the world consistently aim to ensure that corporations are able to use all international tax loopholes to their advantage. Small and medium-sized enterprises as well as individual entrepreneurs have little say in here - in fact, today counts only voice (including political) Google and Facebook. If we can work out a compromise in the Club Bildergerg, the next step is to debate the G8 (the meeting is scheduled for 17-18 June).

Although popular in socialist circles, the idea of ​​a global tax system has never been widely debated for fear of public backlash (in 2011 called for the introduction of a global tax on financial transactions - "Robin Hood tax" was quickly forgotten) Perhaps this year's event Bilderberg will lead us to a "global Google tax", which in time will open the way for politicians to something bigger.

Plans to implement a completely new global tax system should worry anyone who appreciates the concept of national sovereignty. To make matters worse, the whole structure can be implemented without a vote of citizens in each country... Do you believe that a forecast for this year's Bilderberg Group meeting can be checked? What may be the subject of further consideration of the informal club?

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Priory of Sion: who guards his secrets today?

The Priory of Sion is a secret society allegedly founded in the eleventh century. The foundation of his appointment was to preserve and protect the original precepts of Christianity and to be the "guardian of the bloodline of Jesus Christ and St. Mary Magdalene". His greatest characters and mysteries are a growing concern of those involved with the history, mysticism, the media, and even art and film. What we know about Priory of Sion?

According to historical data, the Priory of Sion was founded in 1099 and has sworn to protect the Merovingian descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. The law had to be the great of this world, like the Isaac Newton and Leonardo da Vinci. According to experts in this field, the Catholic Church has been "historically engaged in a war aimed at the destruction of the dynasty and its guards. Priory of Sion might reveal facts that undermine the canon of the Christian religion."

Unlike for example, the Knights Templar, all evidence of the Order of Zion not historical facts are unequivocal. Most authors believe that the law and its history have been based on false information on the basis of additional false sources. In their view, the Priory of Sion as a "secret society formed in the eleventh century is a hoax."

Getting more interest Priory of Sion was probably initiated by Dan Brown and his best-selling book "The Da Vinci Code" (and the subsequent film adaptation book). Dan Brown drew from "The Templar Revelation" works of Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince. The authors emphasize the novel that "divine lineage is the reality and the biggest secret organizations is the creation of the United States of Europe".

Lionel Fanthorpe, one of the experts on the subject states that "The Priory of Sion may be one of the oldest, most powerful and most extraordinary secret societies in the world. Could be the last vestigial trace inner group Templar or completely innocent, respectable and friendly community. Possible however, that the law may not exist at all ... ".

A man named Pierre Plantard in 1956, founded the Priory of Sion involved in the struggle for the construction of affordable housing, but over the years the organization collapsed. Plantard was that the Priory of Sion is a "vast organization numbering thousands of people, and its members have secrets that powaliłby Christianity on the shoulder." Plantard himself was called by the Grand Master of the coming of the royal family.

Interestingly, in 1993, Pierre Plantard was brought to trial and testified under oath that the whole story, which is publicly preached and propagated is bogus. In his apartment found several forged documents, including some that have evidence that he is the king of France (!). Pierre Plantard eventually disappeared from the media and public awareness with his "secret".

Sentences with respect to the Order of Zion are now divided. Some argue that the law actually existed, but has been informally resolved at the end of the seventeenth century. Others assert that the history of the Order, its role and achievements are only a hoax created to pursue other objectives. However, there are, and those who argue that the Priory of Sion and his guards working around the world to this day ...

Do you believe that the Priory of Sion actually existed? And do you know other interesting information about it?

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Rand Corporation: "think tank" that controls America

In our modern world, there are some institutions of power with a huge impact. I'm not talking here about national governments, intelligence agencies and even military organizations. Not even politicians from the headlines, strategists and a well-paid killer ...

May Rand Corporation have an impact to
the events taking place around the world?
Article refers to the institutions that bring the latest paradigms force us all. Tavistock Institute, the Heritage Foundation, the Bilderberg Group, Monsanto, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Carlyle Group - are just some of the many players "handing out cards" in the modern world.

However, one of the most influential modern institutions appears to bring the lead. I mean the Rand Corporation in California. This American "think tank", yet research organization non-profit organizations. Rand Corporation was originally developed for the U.S. Armed Forces May 14, 1948 in Santa Monica-based military program of the same name (RAND).

Currently, the Rand Corporation has approximately 1,600 employees in six premises - three are in the U.S., another three in Europe. Currently, the institution conducts research in the field of defense, terrorism, education, and even health. Its impact on the functioning of society, politics and the world economy clearly increasing.

Let us extract from the Statutes Rand Corporation (the "mission statement"): "The organization's mission is to foster and promote the goals of scientific, educational and charitable for the public welfare and security of the United States of America." Development of research, publishing their results, and The current analysis of the situation inside and outside the U.S. have become the land on which grew the most important principles of operation of rand.

The purpose of the Rand Corporation from the very beginning has been to promote "social atmosphere of moral ambiguity" in the name of personal and national priorities. They did this by creating a so-called first. "Rational Choice Theory", that is the theory, which postulates that when any decision the person (or government) must act so as to maximize personal benefits. Basically, according to the institution, the end justifies the means, and the conscience is not a factor to be taken seriously, if you want to be successful ...

The Rand Corporation from the very beginning working with people
 above-average intelligence and personality. Created analysis and
theories are echoed today. (fot.

Rand Corporation gives us a glimpse into the future of propaganda. The institution is currently involved in the process of determining what will be written in the books of American children and students. The fact that the elements of the theory postulated by the Rand Corporation "smuggled" in TV shows and commercials in prime time shows only a huge influence Rand Corporation.

The research services institutions use today many government agencies around the world, some of them blindly implement suggests the solution into force. The "professionalism and objectivity," Rand Corporation can speak a long list of its outstanding employees. Noteworthy is even Kenneth Arrow (economist, Nobel Prize winner), John Forbes Nash (mathematician, Nobel Prize laureate for the assertion of game theory), Herman Kahn (nuclear war theorist), and Donald Rumsfeld (two-time United States Secretary of Defense).

Do you think Rand Corporation is underrated player in the international arena?

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Water in Europe will go into private hands. Do we approach the point of absurdity?

According to the European Union "Competition is good for business - more competition leads to lower prices and better products". It would not be surprising for the fact that the European Commission wants to implement this assumption to the ... water. If the EU gets what he wants, then private companies will soon be able to obtain licenses to operate public water systems in the field.

fot. photo
The starting point for the activities of the European Commission's regulation of water were in Germany. So far, water supply remained there at the discretion of local authorities. Most cities and town councils themselves manage water supply systems and maintenance of water pipes, but sometimes (in certain cases) the council should grant concessions to private companies.

Berlin serves as an example of what can happen when the management of water supply is privatized. Price for water in the German capital has steadily increased (by 30%), according to the population decreased quality. By Matthias Ladsstättera, an expert in water management "of the 30 percent increase, at least six to ten percent of the net profit, which neither was discharged back to the budget of Berlin, nor was intended to improve the delivery of water services."

Even dosadniejszym example is London, which represents the most striking case of mismanagement of the water supply system as a result of privatization. According to Evelyn Gebhard (German MEP) in the capital of the UK, 40 per cent of water "filtered out of control into the ground, because companies do not invest in a system of pipes and water supply."

So where's the controversy over the action taken today by the European Commission? Experts fear that the EU legislation may force governments to privatize water supply management. Directive on public service concessions, which also include water supply sector, is intended to level the playing field across Europe. The project was presented by the European Commission at the end of 2011. In March this year, the European Parliament will vote on whether to adopt the directive.

"Currently, the proposed system is that it lumps together different sectors, it is detrimental to the local authorities," says Evelyn Gebhard. Public water systems were never intended to generate profits, but to provide clean water to all citizens. At EU level, water services has so far remained under the control of the Member States, but this may soon change.

Recent years of experience to the privatization of water around the world demonstrate that there is much evidence to undermine the legitimacy of these activities. A new report from Canada's Blue Planet Project, called "Our right to water - case studies for the economy and the privatization of water in Europe", reminds us once again that the privatization of water means that the "service function worse, people are losing their jobs, and private monopolies oriented only on profits.'s not good economics. "

Water is not just H2O, water is life. Access to potable water has been recognized by the United Nations as a fundamental human right. Water, however, the multi-billion dollar business. It seems that Brussels already decided: water in the future will belong to the private corporation and not to everyone.

What do you think about plans to privatize the water in Europe? Do you see any positive aspects can this type of action?